Monday, 19 October 2015

can you guess what it is yet ? 

mk2 guzzi cafe,
this is where it all begins again !
Anyone who has seen my previous blog,
has seen my last bike , which has now been sold and moved on to its new
owner in London.
The mk2 project started with various mk2 le mans parts lying around as well as another visit to my friend Hartmut from HT Moto fame. Sadly Hartmut has since retired from bike building full time, but to me his work with guzzis inspired me to want to build another bike, using some parts available from HT moto ( Tank and exhaust system).
the tank is a copy of the MV 350 tank, modified to fit a guzzi frame. the exhaust system is a design that HT Moto have developed for many years from their race bikes and is about as light and as neat as a twin exhaust can get on a guzzi and sounds good too !
so far, a lot of time has been spent cleaning, vapour blasting and repairing all the moving parts ready to be re assembled. I reached a point this week when a lot of the parts are coming together and i wanted to record the keys moments in the build.

engine internals were all treated to new bearings, big end, mains, new little ends, new oversize pistons, piston rings, rebored barrels, heads all new valves, guides, valve seats, and inlets ported out to match the 40mm cnc inlet manifolds (Radical guzzi), HT moto supplied a custom set of valve springs and shims to suit a Raceco SS2 camshaft.
flywheel assembly was filled with holes and lightened, and the whole assembly inc crank balanced.
finally along with a new clutch, the engine is ready to go together and i delivered the engine to Nigel at NBS Guzzi to do this for me, he built the engine on my last bike and he is one of the leading Guzzi experts in the UK.


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