Saturday, 24 October 2015

Complete mk2 le mans engine 1980 vintage, the pic below shows the end result of a lot of work and not inconsiderable cost ! cleaning, vapour blasting getting all moving parts checked, renewed, new bearings everywhere, mains, big ends, little ends. 
its a good chance to renew everything and start fresh, that way i have more confidence in the reliability of the engine after the build. more internals upgraded include a cnc uprated oil pump for higher flow rates, plus a deep sump that allows filter changes without removing the sump (supplied by HMB guzzi). 
key upgrades from std include the lightened flywheel assy, Raceco SS2 fast road camnew cam followers, inlet ports flowed to suit the new cnc 40mm alloy inlet stubs (from Radical guzzi) and a set of race spec valve springs from HT Moto designed for the new cam set up. should make for a nice engine, a little more livelier than std, quicker revving,  but still fun and rideable.

engine vapour blasted, cleaned and all new valves, valve guides, all new bearings, rebore and fitted 1st oversize std 850 le mans piston. 

Flywheel lightened a little from std spec

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